Decarbonization, digitization, and decentralization are driving the migration toward sustainable energy more quickly than previously thought, according to a press release from EY. This came out in July 2019, but is still directly relevant to the work of the Smart Nations Foundation, and to everyone who is working to develop sustainable energy sources.

To me, the key insight here is how Information Technology is a fully integrated aspect of developing sustainable energy. The EY release mentions Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in particular. The idea of intelligent, real-time data creation and monitoring, and the ability to act upon it, is what makes energy grids better able to deliver power with more efficiency.

The EY release also considers decentralization — moving better-scaled power resources closer to communities — as another key. This is particularly important in the developing world, which often is supplied only 1% to 5% the per-person electricity we take for granted in the developed world.

My ongoing research at leads me to believe that the developing world does not need to be brought up to 100% of the developed world’s grids — especially as sustainable practices make smaller demands on power supply. Just getting much of the world to 25% would enable rapid socioeconomic progress at a cost that’s very small compared to the global economy. Don’t believe me, then contact me!

Here’s a link to the EY release.